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Our Monthly activities calendar will keep you informed so you'll be able to plan on those activities in which you choose to participate.
Trinity Acres - Event Calendar   Trinity Oaks - Event Calendar
Event NameDayDateTime
Acres to Jewel ShoppingFRIDEC 110 AM
SR Reserved Private Board of Directors Meeting/RetreatSATDEC 28AM - 7PM
"You will have joy and gladness, and many will rejoice at His birth." Luke 1:14SUNDEC 3 
Decorate Trinity Acres for HolidayMONDEC 4 
ArtMONDEC 410-12 Noon
ExerciseMONDEC 41 PM
DecorateTUEDEC 5 
No Computer Class Until 2018TUEDEC 5 
DecorateWEDDEC 6 
Holiday Coffee Sip Hosted by the 6th floorWEDDEC 610:30 AM
Exterminate 6 - 7WEDDEC 6 
DecorateTHUDEC 7 
No Bible ClassTHUDEC 711 AM
DecorateFRIDEC 8 
Acres to Walmart ShoppingFRIDEC 810 AM
Cooper's Grab Bag Holiday PartyFRIDEC 83PM - 6PM
SR Reserved For Tenants (Cards, Movies, Etc.)SATDEC 9 
Floor Captains MeetingMONDEC 1111AM
Last Chair Exercise Until 2018MONDEC 111PM
Coffee SipWEDDEC 1310:30AM
Exterminate 5th floorWEDDEC 13 
Bible ClassTHUDEC 1411AM
All Tenant Meeting with guest: All Wellness Home Health Harbor Light Hospice and Sakeena Gilbert MedTHUDEC 141PM
Acres to Walmart ShoppingFRIDEC 1510AM
Annual Trinity Acres Tenant Christmas Party hosted by the SC and Trinity's Married Couples MinistrySATDEC 161PM - 5PM
Art with MusaMONDEC 1810AM - 12 Noon
Women's ClubMONDEC 184PM
"Let all the kings bow down before Him, all nations serve Him." Psalm 72:11TUEDEC 19 
Food BoxWEDDEC 20 
Bible ClassTHUDEC 2111 AM
Acres to Food for Less ShoppingFRIDEC 2210AM
SR Reserved For Tenants (Cards, Movies, Etc.)SATDEC 23 
Merry ChristmasMONDEC 25 
Holiday BingoTUEDEC 261 PM
KWANZAA begins UNTIL January 1stTUEDEC 26 
Coffee SipWEDDEC 2710:30AM
Exterminate 1-2WEDDEC 27 
Bible ClassTHUDEC 2811AM
No ShoppingFRIDEC 29 
SR Reserved for Tenants (Cards, Movies, Etc.)SATDEC 30 
Event NameDayDateTime
Check CashingFRIDEC 19AM
Oaks to JewelsFRIDEC 111:30AM
CR ReservedFRIDEC 111:00AM - 1PM
AA MeetingMONDEC 410AM - 1PM
Coffee SipTUEDEC 59:30AM
Exterminate 5th floorWEDDEC 6 
CR ReservedWEDDEC 610AM - 1PM
Movie DayTHUDEC 71:30PM
Bible StudyTHUDEC 75:30PM
Oaks to WalmartFRIDEC 8 
CR ReservedFRIDEC 811AM - 1PM
Men's GroupFRIDEC 86PM
AA MeetingMONDEC 1110AM - 1PM
BingoTUEDEC 121:00PM
Exterminate 4th floorWEDDEC 13 
CR ReservedWEDDEC 1310AM - 1PM
Game DayWEDDEC 132PM - 3:30PM
Bible StudyTHUDEC 145:30
Oaks to Food 4 LessFRIDEC 14 
CR ReservedFRIDEC 1511AM - 1PM
AA MeetingMONDEC 1810AM - 2PM
Arts & CraftTUEDEC 191:30 - 3PM
Exterminate 3rd FloorWEDDEC 20 
CR ReservedWEDDEC 2010AM - 1PM
Food Box Pick UpWEDDEC 201PM
Christmas LuncheonTHUDEC 2112:30 PM
Oaks to Aldi'sFRIDEC 2111AM - 1PM
Christmas DayMONDEC 25 
BingoTUEDEC 261:00PM
Exterminate 2nd & 1st FloorWEDDEC 27 
CR ReservedWEDDEC 2710AM - 1PM
Movie DayTHUDEC 281:30 PM
Bible StudyTHUDEC 285:30 PM
Game DayFRIDEC 292PM - 3:30
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